Cyrell Paule on life after MAFS and returning to reality TV
May 7, 2019

Viewers get ready: Cyclone Cyrell is looking to make landfall on another reality show.

This week reports surfaced that Married At First Sight breakout stars Cyrell Paule and Liz Sobinoff were being scouted for a Simple Life-style reality show that would see them travel around Australia.

But while Cyrell said the magazine report was the first time she heard of the idea she liked the thought of starring alongside Liz in another show saying it would be a “pretty funny”.

However the 30-year-old vetoed the idea of starring on one of Channel 9’s other reality shows as she predicted she would cause havoc.

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After her stint on MAFS Cyrell said she’d be keen to star on another reality show.Source:Instagram

“If I was to go on The Block I’d end up destroying the house instead of making a beautiful house, and if I went on Love Island I’d probably have more struggles than I did with the females on MAFS,” Cyrell said.

“But something to do with Elizabeth, someone who is my friend, something that would empower women, that would be quite entertaining. I’d be open to that idea.”

A month on from the MAFS finale and life is yet to go completely back to normal for Cyrell, with the reality star’s popularity seeing her making a slew of lucrative paid nightclub appearances around the country.

But not all of the attention has been positive, with Cyrell accused of faking her relationship with Love Island’s Eden Dally for publicity after the two went public last month.

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Cyrell went public with her romance with Love Island star Eden last month.  Source:Supplied

Cyrell told their romance is very much the real deal but the pair is taking it slow and “just seeing how it goes”.

“You don’t know how much we copped it,” she said.

“But at the end of the day people’s opinions are like that, it just doesn’t phase me … if you don’t pay my bills, satisfy my hoo-ha or put food in my stomach then I don’t really care what you think.”

Things got heated between Cyrell and Martha on Married At First Sight.Source:Supplied

While Cyrell might have found a new boyfriend after MAFS finished what hasn’t changed for Cyrell is her feelings about co-stars Martha Kalifatidis and Jessika Power.

During their time on MAFS Cyrell came to blows with both women over rumours her “husband” Nic Jovanovic had been propositioned by Jessika.

“I have no intention of ever speaking to those two, no,” Cyrell said. “Although I’ve heard a few things like the two of them trying to reach out … for me you had plenty of chance while you were on the show.”